The MOTH has been making music together since around 2003. It began with Joe Puccio messing around with some heavy riffs, and enlisting local musicians and good friends to try and make a band work under the confines of the MOTH mentality. Joe’s buddy and current drummer Dan Grody fit the description and they promptly recorded some songs. Dan was busy with many other musical endeavors at the time, so the recordings were as far as it went.

The recordings were passed around among friends far and wide. An amazing number of talented and notable people played the songs with Joe, but still no band. Only after a friend recommended a vocalist, and that vocalist recommended a drummer did things shape up.

The drummer was vocalist Dewey Bragg. Dewey was happy just playing drums on some killer riffs and had no interest in singing for MOTH. So they rocked out at the Public Storage with their friend Donovan on vocals for a little while, tried out some guitarists and bassists, all to no avail.

Years go by and the recordings continued. Only now Dewey was playing drums and singing on them here and there, until a happy series of events and introductions tuned into a shotgun recording of 5 of MOTH’s finest songs.

P.J. McMullan stepped in to record drums, Joe did the bass and guitars with Dewey on vocals. Guitarist Gary Gladson did work as well. The cherry on top was having Vinny Appice play drums on popular song “Womanizer”, and Warren Riker mix it. A video for “Womanizer”, produced and directed by Joe Puccio and Warren Riker, was released and well received.

Only after years of coming and going, one off recordings and extra fun nights did it ever come together for the MOTH to actually play the songs they have been writing for years. With Gary Gladson on guitar, Dan Grody on drums, Joe Puccio on bass and Dewey Bragg on vocals, MOTH finally brought it to the stage. After a string of successful shows on the Sunset Strip in 2015-16, the release of their 5 song EP, and video for their thrashed out song “ALARMA” with guitarist Justin Manning, the men of MOTH plan to continue to trudge through the scene with new audio, new visual and new collaborations, forever and ever.